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What You Need To Know


Welcome to our information page, giving you all the information

you need to help you enjoy your experience at 

Carrbridge Carriage Driving, including our T's & C's.

All beginner lessons are carried out with two sets of reins, a bit like having duel controls on a learner car.

When carriage driving, visibility is of paramount importance! Hi-viz vest must be worn by all persons on the carriage.

Please note that when driving in fields and along track, these may be bumpy, therefor this activity may not be suitable for people with back issues. If you suffer from any health issues, please advise us when you make the booking, as a reasonable amount of mobility is required to mount the carriage driving.

Accommodation is available in Carrbridge, which is just 4 miles from the Croft, or there are other recommended B&B’s within a 10 mile radius.

3 - 5 Day Courses​

Dates can be tailored to suit your schedule, please get in touch to ask for availability.

This course is aimed at people who are interested in taking up carriage driving, but are not sure where to start.

Over the duration of the course you'll be shown how to handle the reins English Coachman Style and two handed.

You'll learn how to harness-up/unharness, put a horse to a carriage and take it out, ensuring everything is done in a safe and correct manner.

You'll be able to take a single horse and carriage out for a drive on quiet country roads and tackle cones and obstacles in the school.

There will be an emphasis on health and safety at all times.

This course can be on a 1 to 1 basis or 2 people maximum and can be booked at any time during the year, subject to availability.

You will receive a minimum of 4 hours coaching per day, with a break for lunch.


Try Carriage Driving

Ideal for beginners.

You'll spend 1 and a half hour learning how to handle the reins, harness-up, fit a set of harness, put-to, ensuring the horse is a suitable fit for the carriage, go for a short (20 min) drive, before returning to the yard, un-hitching, un-harnessing and tending to your horse.

Half-day Sessions

As above, but going for a longer

(up to 40 min) drive.


If your competent at harnessing up and putting too, either go for a long (1hour) drive, cone driving, dressage or obstacle driving session.

Hour Lessons

Aimed at clients who have their own turn-out, either at your place or mine, a coaching session on dressage, cone or obstacle driving.

On-line Sessions

You'll receive on-line course work and lesson plans, have access to video tutorials and face-to-face sessions via Zoom. 

Bring your Horse on Holiday​

New for 2022

With miles of off road hacking for riding and quiet country roads for driving, why not bring your own horse on holiday.

In conjunction with BHS

Accredited Coach Jackie Furda, 

we offer everything the equestrian needs, whether it’s driving, riding or both!

Jackie has over 30 experience as a

BHS AI,  teaching stable management, flat work and show-jumping, having jumped up to Grade B herself.


So why not treat you and your horse to a change of scenery and get some training in at the same time.

Terms and Conditions

All sessions must be paid for at time of booking.

Cancellation outwith 48 hours, will be credited forward to another session (no direct refunds) and for cancellations within 48 hours payment is lost.

Our cancellation policy reflects the fact that we are unable to fill a slot with less than 48 hours’ notice and staff/horse rota's have been organised to facilitate your booking.

Payment can be made by BACS to: -

09-01-29, 18333307

What to Wear

It is tradition to always wear a hat when out driving. These days it is safer to wear a hard hat to the current BHS standard. Please bring one with you. Alternatively, a cycle helmet will do.

Please wear suitable out-door clothing, and as this is Scotland, best to be prepared and bring waterproofs, there is space on the carriage to store additional clothing.

Footwear should be stout shoes, boots or trainers that have a flat sole with good grip - riding boots are not suitable as they are too smooth on the sole.

As with riding, it is advisable to wear gloves. Riding gloves or cotton ones with rubber pimples on the palms are best.

Please note that when driving in fields and along track, these may be bumpy, so may not be suitable for people with back issues. If you suffer from any health issues, please advise us when you make the booking.

Carriage Driving

Cone Driving 

One of the fun carriage driving things to do is cone driving.

In this clip we’re having a training session, and Lola is loving it.

The object of this is to drive between the sets of cones, without knocking the balls off the top.

Obstacle Driving

The other thing Lola loves is being out on the

marathon and obstacle.

Call to Book


Carriage Driving Courses/Lessons


Tel: 07533753414

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